Should I buy an Amazon Kindle e-reader in 2021?

Should I buy an Amazon Kindle e-reader in 2021?

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Should I buy an Amazon Kindle e-reader in 2021?

Should I buy an Amazon Kindle e-reader in 2021?

Which is better to buy in Russia – Kindle or PocketBook?

It would seem that there is no difference: you open some Yandex.Market, choose an Amazon or PocketBook e-book – and buy it. Everything seems to be the same. However, in reality there is a difference, and it is huge. The fact is that Amazon Kindle e-books are not officially delivered to Russia. They are shipped only to the USA, a number of countries in Europe and Asia. Russia is not among these countries – and never was. Therefore, those Kindles that are sold in Russia are actually brought into the country in suitcases by resellers. What does it mean? A certain Vasya or Kolya brought a Kindle from abroad and resells it at a premium in his online store. As a result, the Kindle buyer in Russia is deprived of the warranty. If the reader breaks, then the manufacturer – Amazon – will not repair or replace it for free. Simply because the reader was sold to Vasya or Kolya in the USA or, for example, in Germany. Do you want free repairs? Then go to the USA or to Germany, but in Russia – sorry! Moreover, paid Kindle repair in our country is also practically impossible. The fact is that in the Russian Federation there are no workshops specializing in the Amazon Kindle. It turns out that buying a Kindle is a risk: if the device breaks, then you will most likely just have to buy a new reader.

“Unable to ship to Russia” is what Amazon says when trying to order a Kindle in Russia

Everything is easier with PocketBook: readers of this brand have been officially supplied to Russia for the last 13 years and are sold in dozens of stores and retail chains. PocketBook e-books are backed by a direct 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. And if you buy a reader in a company store on, then there will be a 3-year direct company warranty at all. And this is a record guarantee not only among all readers, but in general in the market of portable consumer electronics. In which case, the reader can be repaired at any of the dozens of PocketBook service centers throughout Russia. Moreover, there is a Russian-language support service and brand groups on social networks. There you can ask any question about the operation of the PocketBook device in Russian – and almost immediately get a qualified answer.

PocketBook has a store website in Russian with the possibility of free delivery of devices throughout the country

Total: you just need to understand that PocketBook e-books are a product for the Russian market as well. With all the necessary infrastructure in this case: availability in a bunch of stores, warranty, support. But Kindle is a product for the US and a number of other foreign countries. Kindle readers are simply not intended for the Russian Federation.

And one more thing. In the US, Amazon Kindle models are cheap – for example, in terms of our money, about 7 thousand rubles ($ 100) for an entry-level model. However, taking into account the markups of resellers, all these low prices. disappear! And Kindle and PocketBook models similar in class cost about the same money in the Russian Federation. That’s it!

Which readers are more modern and convenient – PocketBook or Kindle?

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