Dentist in Vaughan
Dentist in Vaughan

Kenya to the world

Our mission is to establish a long lasting relationship with our trading partners through provision of quality produce through traceability, food safety assurance and year round supply of vegetables and fruits.

Our Produce

We have our extenstive catalog and produce descriptions and dedicated response on all enquiries.




Our Story

Supply The Best Organic Products Since 2010

Signet Fruits and Veg Exporters Ltd was
incorporated in the year 2010. It is a house of quality
fresh produce. we fulfill the needs of our customers
with not just the best but with consistence quality,
quantity and timely deliveries, and that’s what we are about. The company continues to grow from strength to strength building on a solid base of trust
and total dedication to the fresh produce industry

Our Farm

All our farms are Global G.A.P and Farm to Fork accredited. The farms are all under high efficiency drip system. In addition, the farms have a production capacity that caters for contract farming to meet agreed quantity
and quality products in time


We also subcontract small scale farmers to supplement the production from the farms. Our out-growers are closely supervised to ensure that they adhere to the set out standards. All the farms adhere to sound environmental farming practices and are under irrigation, meaning that production can be carried out throughout the year, in
response to market demand. Signet Fruits and Veg Exporters ltd has the capacity to greatly increase its current volumes and is actively seeking new markets to expand into.